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Leverage Africa's leading cross-border payments API to harness exceptional FX capabilities, streamline financial processes, and drive revenue growth.

Unlock Africa.

Africa is not a country.
Rafiki API makes it feel like one.

Frequent Asked Questions

What is Rafiki API?

Built by NALA, Rafiki API enables global businesses to seamlessly payout in Africa.

Why should I use Rafiki API?

One API for reliable African payouts:

  • a. A single integration: streamlined integration to unlock payments across the continent.
  • b. Faster Payouts: payout to bank and mobile money wallets in 9 African countries, faster than most.
  • c. FX: handle foreign exchange transactions without having to build your own trading desk.
  • d. Reliable: increased payout success rates.
  • e. Built for Scale: connect to 250 million mobile wallets and 300 million bank accounts.
Who can benefit from Rafiki API

Our bread and butter is FX, so businesses that need to convert currency are the core audience Rafiki API is building for.

  • a. Remittance: global remittance companies paying out to Africa.
  • b. Payroll: global payroll companies paying out to Africa.
  • c. Payment processors: large global payment processing companies expanding in Africa.

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